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Patan Durbar Square, located at the intersection of Patan's main crossroads, the medieval Palace square is locally known as Mangal Bazaar, which connotes being auspicious in Sanskrit. Alternatively, it's called "Mangah" in Old Newari, meaning "center." For more than two centuries, the late Mallas dynasty had the privilege of beautifying the square with impressive monuments, pillars, and minor shrines.

Although there's a lack of conclusive evidence about some aspects of the palace's early history, the people of Patan are familiar with its past. The existing inscriptions in the complex are written in obscure devotional language and surrounded by legend and myth, often with conflicting accounts or different versions of the same story. The Palace area may have been a center of royal power during the first millennium, as indicated by a stone inscription (dated 643 AD) in the main courtyard (Keshav Naryan Chowk) of the Museum and another inscription (dated 560 AD) at Manidhara, situated just north of the Museum.

Let's go through the narrow, connected pathways and wide open spaces of Patan. We'll discover an ancient palace, beautiful stupas, and peaceful temples. And don't forget, we'll also have a chance to receive a special blessing from the Kumari, The living goddess of Patan. It will be an amazing experience!

We will explore the following  Shrines, Temples and places around the Patan Durbar Square: 

  • Patan Dhoka
  • Hiranya bajra Mahabihar (Golden Temple)
  • Krishna Mandir
  • Bhimsen Temple
  • Vishwanath Temple
  • Manga Hiti 
  • Taleju Bhawani
  • Tusha Hiti
  • Patan Museum

Whats Included

  • English Speaking Tour guide

Whats Not Included

  • Entrance fees
  • Meals
  • Gratuities for guide.

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Patan Private Walking Tour $75
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