Swayambhunath Walking Tour

Swayambhunath Stupa, situated at hilltop, is a holy shrine of great antiquity and mystery in the Kathmandu Valley. Its majestic white dome and shimmering golden spire are clearly visible from every corner of the valley. The stupa’s significance as a Buddhist pilgrimage site can be traced back to the 5th century AD, as evidenced by the historical inscriptions on stones surrounding the site. However, its origin predates the arrival of Buddhism in the valley by a considerable length of time.

During this tour we will explore the neighborhood of swayambhu hilltop and saraswotithan, go through the mythologies and legends about origin of Swayambhunath, history of kathmandu valley and various other characters like Mahamanjushree, Shantikar Acharya etc.

We will explore the following  Shrines, Temples and places around the Swayambhu: 

  • Swayambhunath Stupa 
  • Harati Ajima Temple  
  • Pancha Buddha and their Tara
  • Vajradhatu Mandala
  • Pancha Pura 
  • Syayambhu Buddhist Museum
  • Huge single stone statue of Dipankara 
  • Karmaraj Mahabihar
  • World Peace Pond
  • Saraswoti Temple

What’s included
English Speaking Tour guide

What’s not included
Swayambhu  entry fees (200 Rupees), meals and gratuities for guide.

06:00 AM -09:00 AM
Everyday 7 days a week
5 USD per person
Maximum 9 people for small group experience
To book:
Call/Whatsapp on       +977 98 08 31 32 79
Or email  travel@amazingkathmandu.com

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