Monkey Temple – SwayambhuNath Walking Tour

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Swayambhunath Stupa, situated at hilltop, is a holy shrine of great antiquity and mystery in the Kathmandu Valley. Its majestic white dome and shimmering golden spire are clearly visible from every corner of the valley. The stupa's significance as a Buddhist pilgrimage site can be traced back to the 5th century AD, as evidenced by the historical inscriptions on stones surrounding the site. However, its origin predates the arrival of Buddhism in the valley by a considerable length of time.

Embark on a captivating walking tour from Thamel to Swayambhunath in Kathmandu, Nepal, and delve into the city's cultural and spiritual essence. Begin in Thamel, the bustling tourist district known for its vibrant markets and cozy cafes. Navigate through narrow alleyways adorned with shops offering traditional handicrafts and intricately carved wooden statues. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and engage with friendly locals eager to share stories.

As you venture further, the ancient and modern blend seamlessly, with traditional Newari architecture alongside modern buildings. Marvel at ornate temples, hidden courtyards, and brick houses adorned with exquisite carved windows and doors, reflecting the city's rich heritage.

The journey to Swayambhunath leads you towards serenity. Ascend the hill and be greeted by playful monkeys darting about the surroundings. Swayambhunath, or the Monkey Temple, sits majestically atop the hill, its gleaming white stupa and glistening prayer flags drawing you closer. Explore the complex, filled with intricately carved shrines and statues, as devotees and monks engage in prayer and meditation.

Feel the spiritual energy enveloping you as you witness these rituals, and take a moment to reflect amidst the ethereal ambiance. The ultimate reward awaits at the hilltop, where panoramic views of Kathmandu's sprawling cityscape and distant snow-capped peaks unfold before you. Absorb the beauty and grandeur of the vista, a testament to Nepal's natural wonders and cultural richness.

As you descend from the hill, your footsteps retracing the path, memories of this enchanting tour will stay with you. Appreciate the charm and mystique of Kathmandu as you return to Thamel, enriched by the profound experiences encountered along the way. This walking tour from Thamel to Swayambhunath reveals the soul of the city, leaving you with a deep appreciation for Nepal's cultural heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes.

We will explore the following  Shrines, Temples and places around the Swayambhu: 

  • Swayambhunath Stupa 
  • Harati Ajima Temple  
  • Pancha Buddha and their Tara
  • Vajradhatu Mandala
  • Pancha Pura 
  • Syayambhu Buddhist Museum
  • Huge single stone statue of Dipankara 
  • Karmaraj Mahabihar
  • World Peace Pond
  • Saraswoti Temple



Day 1 :

Meeting on assembly point at thamel and walk towards Swayambhu Nath
Explore around SwoyambhuNath
Get back towards thamel.

Whats Included

  • English Speaking Tour guide
  • Entrance fees

Whats Not Included

  • Meals
  • Gratuities for guide.

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Monkey Temple – SwayambhuNath Walking Tour
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